How can our mixes make a difference to your song?

Mixing is half science, half art. We marry the technical aspects of processing audio with an experienced and creative ear to bring out the heart or emotion of your song.

Different genres are approached with a different philosophy. Rock and dance tracks are mixed to make the instruments punchy and energetic whereas jazz or soundtrack pieces require a gentler touch – valuing the organic nature of the source material.

To illustrate the dramatic effect a mix can have on your music, we’ve put together some examples of songs before and after they were mixed (and in this case mastered) in the player to the left.

The parts in both before and after examples are identical – the only difference is the mix and master and the difference will be very clear to hear.

What is Source-Live?

Source-Live allows you to virtually attend the session by logging on to our streaming page and listening to a high-quality realtime feed from the studio.

This is especially useful at the end of a mix when it’s easier to make tweaks in realtime rather than wait delivery of an mp3 and then having to send back an email with notes.

We have found that coupling Source-Live with Skype is an extremely effective way to have clients present at the final stages of the mix.